Services Jet is an online platform equipped with unique features and designed to facilitate its users, service providers and customers. This platform aims to render facilities to its potential clients with quality, affordable and timely services. It also offers open opportunity to all the skilled as well as unskilled workers on a single platform to work without having their own work places. Services jet envisions to provide all services under one roof allowing its users to order hassle-free services through digital apps thereby, saving their precious time because we work for you 24/7. Trust and security of our customers is of prime concern to Services Jet.


Services jet provides its users with un-matched services at their door steps. Our professionals are carefully vetted before they are allowed at your personal spaces, this gives you a sense of security and peace of heart. Our professional are skilled and have several years of practical experiences, which allows them to provide you with perfect and timely services at affordable rates.
Experienced Team

Our trained and experienced staff are fully committed to solving your problems. It is our duty and responsibility to provide you with the unmatched experience from start to end of the service.

Timely & Affordable

Customer service is what distinguishes us from the market as we are able to provide you with the best possible experience. Our teams will leave straightaway to provide you with timely and affordable solution.

Secure Data & Payment

We have taken extreme steps in safeguarding your information. The data you provide us while using our site or app is stored safely on our servers.

Dedecated Support

We have a dedicated 24 Hours support team, who are always available to help you around the clock.

Secure Payment

We have integrated secure paymnet methods in our platfrom to safeguard our users financail data.

Vetted Professional

All of our professionals are vetted before they are carefully screened by us and the concerned authority before they join our platform.

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